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Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?
Laser hair removal is a method for permanently getting rid of unwanted hair. Here's how it works: Dr. BabaAIi directs the laser over the targeted area, heating up the pigment in your hair follicles. The pigment absorbs the heat, thereby damaging your hair follicles, which are naturally eliminated through your body.  Once eliminated, hair follicles don't regrow in the treated area. In order to make the procedure as painless as possible, the areas being treated are cooled before, during and after the treatment with some of the most modern laser machines available.

Laser hair removal is noninvasive and doesn't damage the surface of your skin.

Where can laser hair removal be used?

Laser hair removal is effective in a number of areas and on most skin types. Dr. Babaali, or his nurse, most often treat the following areas:

  • Face

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Back

  • Bikini line

  • Abdomen

If you have a problem area you want to be treated, consult with Dr. Babaali to find out whether laser hair removal is the right solution.

How many laser hair removal treatments do I need?
Depending on the area you want to treat, most hair removal procedures require 4-1 o sessions for maximum effect. Dr. Ba baa Ii spaces out your sessions every three to four weeks in order to ensure that he properly targets and destroys all the follicles as they grow.

Dr. Babaali gives you a more accurate timeline once he's examined the size and location of the area you want to treat.


What laser or non-laser treatments are available?
Dr. Babaali offers several treatments that tackle unwanted hair, as well as unwanted perspiration. These include:

  • Excel V® by Cutera, an FDA-approved laser hair removal procedure that targets follicles as hair comes in

  • lnvasix® for skin resurfacing

  • Xeo® laser, a customizable light-based system for targeted hair removal

  • lnmode Diolaze®, a high-energy laser that targets mature hair follicles on your legs

  • MiraDry®, an FDA-approved method to permanently eliminate sweat and reduce odor from your underarm area, while also reducing underarm hair

Each of the methods Or. BabaAli uses at his clinic is noninvasive and considered quite safe. You may experience some redness after treatment, but this resolves itself in a day or two. Dr. Ba baa Ii usually performs the treatments in under an hour, and there's no downtime associated with the procedures, allowing for minimal disruption in your daily routine.

To learn more about how you can finally put down your razor and get rid of unwanted body hair once and for all, call to make an appointment at K-Town Med Spa & Varicose Relief or book a consultation online.



"'Individual results may vary.


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